Q. Are escorts legal in New Orleans?

A. Yes, New Orleans escorts are legal. Our service merely exchanges your booking fee for the time and attention of the beautiful women who work with us as professional entertainers. There is no implied agreement for anything else; you are getting your New Orleans escort’s time only. She’ll be glad to attend social functions with you, get to know you, spend time alone with you, and otherwise focus on you for the duration of your booking, but ultimately, that is the limit of the service we provide. Escort agencies like ours, which are established, legitimate, and reputable, represent true professionalism in feminine companionship. If you are interested in experiencing the company of a gorgeous lady, contact us today.

Q. Do I have to live in New Orleans or the area around it to book with you?

A. No, you don’t have to be a resident of the local New Orleans area if you want to go out with one of our ladies. All you have to do is be in the New Orleans area for the time that you want to enjoy your New Orleans escort. If you live around here and you want to become one of our repeat clients, we would be absolutely delighted to have you. If you know that you will be in New Orleans at a specific time, you can book ahead of time so that your social needs are lined up and taken care of. This is especially useful if you’re going to be in the area on business or for tourism and you want to be able to attend a social or business event with a date. After all, it’s not easy to line up a date when you’re new to an area and will be gone in a day or two, but when you book with New Orleans Babe Finder, you can have one of our New Orleans escorts at your side with a minimum of fuss and trouble. Whenever you are in New Orleans, think of New Orleans Babe Finder and our fabulous New Orleans escorts.

Q. How do I book a New Orleans escort?

A. Nothing could be easier than booking one of our New Orleans escorts. To do so, you simply need to take a look at our biography pages for our girls. Choose the young lady whom you find most attractive and let us know that this is the woman you are looking to spend some time with. If she’s available, great; we’ll hook the two of you up. If she’s not, we’ll find another New Orleans escort who we think you’ll like just as much, as sometimes your schedule won’t always mesh with the availability of the girl in question (although all of our New Orleans escorts are exceptionally attractive and will be able to make you happy). And if you don’t see what you want, don’t worry; we can again reach out to someone in our extended portfolio of New Orleans escorts who can help you. Once your escort has been assigned, the two of you will mutually agree on a location to meet. (We are an outcall service only, so your escort must meet you at your hotel, your home, or some other location that is agreeable to you both.) When your booking begins, your new young lady friend will arrive promptly. She’ll attend whatever social event you have in mind. That could be a one on one date, such as for dinner and so on, or it could be to see a movie or a show, or it could be to whatever party or other event for which you want female company. When the booking is over, she will leave, again promptly, and if the two of you hit it off and you want to see her again, all you have to do is contact us and book her once more. It’s that simple, it’s that easy, and it’s that much fun. New Orleans escorts will forever change the way you approach getting feminine companionship in your life.

Q. What if I want to book a New Orleans escort, but I can’t choose one?

A. If you simply don’t find one of our New Orleans escorts compelling based on what is on our website, contact us. We’ll hook you up with someone else who works with us — someone who, for whatever reason, does not yet appear on our website or who has chosen not to be listed. We are extremely well-connected in the local escort scene and we work with many New Orleans escorts whose professionalism and quality we respect and admire. All it takes for you to get exactly what you want is for you to describe to us what you’re looking for. We would be more than happy to help you.

Q. Can I book two New Orleans escorts?

A. Not only can you book two New Orleans escorts at once, but you can book more than that, provided you can afford the booking fees. Many men have long dreamed of being surrounded by beautiful women. Booking multiple New Orleans escorts is one way to fulfill that fantasy. Also, some of our clients have parties or business events for which they want plenty of great female eye candy on hand. There is no party like a party full of beautiful women, after all, and savvy businessmen know that a meeting, contract negotiation, or other business function goes much smoother when everyone is marveling at the beautiful ladies in attendance. Book as many escorts as you like for as long as you like. As long as we can coordinate their schedules, we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

Q. What is the etiquette for New Orleans escorts? What rules should I know about?

A. You know, we’ve really never stopped to think about it very much, because our bookings generally go so smoothly, but it all comes down to “the golden rule” where our New Orleans escorts are concerned: Treat them as you would want to be treated. We ask that you treat our beautiful ladies with respect, that you never try to force them to do anything that would make them uncomfortable, and that you treat them like, well, ladies. They, in return, will always show you respect. They will go out of their way to see to it that you are satisfied with your booking and that everything about your New Orleans Babe Finder experience leaves you satisfied. They are part of our organization, after all, and so their goal is the same as ours: to build lasting business relationships with a repeat client base. You can count on them to behave accordingly, so all we ask is that you show them the same respect. Beyond that, it’s all about communication. Talk to your escort, ask her questions, express your feelings, and let her help you. She is a professional entertainer who has done this many times before, so she will know how best to handle things and how to make you happy.

Q. Can I change or extend my booking with my New Orleans escort?

A. We love getting this question involving our New Orleans escorts, because it means a client and his new lady friend are really doing well together and don’t want to let the evening (or day, or whatever) go. If you want to extend a booking that is going very well, that may be possible, and we welcome you asking about it. Just let your escort know so that she can get in touch with us and confirm. As long as she does not have other scheduling commitments after your date, which would require her to leave promptly, and provided you can afford to extend the booking, we will be happy to let you do so.

Q. Can I book a New Orleans escort for a whole weekend? What about a longer trip?

A. Yes, it is possible to book one of our New Orleans escorts for a longer trip, including weekend getaways or even longer trips. A lot will depend on your preference of escort, what her own schedule commitments are, whether she’s up for a trip or booking of the duration you’re suggesting, and a few other factors. On the whole, though, we have many escorts who are happy to take extended bookings and who will be thrilled to spend all that time getting to know you and enjoying your company. Our girls love what they do, so extended bookings are really like little vacations for them, during which they simply get to enjoy themselves with their clients.

Q. I had a great experience with my escort but I don’t see her page on your website. Why is that?

A. Not all of the New Orleans escorts with whom we work choose to appear on our website. This can happen for a number of reasons. Some of our escorts prefer to be discreet because they already have enough bookings coming in, and advertising further might overload their schedules. Others are relatively new to our network of escorts and haven’t yet had a chance to sit for a photoshoot or provide interview questions for a profile page. Still others choose to maintain total discretion in all things and so they do not wish to have an Internet footprint. There are plenty of reasons, but what unites all our New Orleans escorts is how sexy, beautiful, professional, and fun they are.

Q. How can I afford to do this all the time?

A. If booking New Orleans escorts strikes you as expensive, you need to consider just how many expenses are associated with dating women socially and trying to meet those women in the first place. Traditional dating is fraught with undeclared, implied, indirect, and unexpected costs that can “run up the bill,” so to speak, while you try to impress a woman or keep her attention. Non-professional women have one thing in common, and that is that they are genetically programmed to look for men with resources. That’s what they want, so shows of money are very important to them. You can easily go broke dating in ways that are supposed to be “free” compared to escorts. By contrast, New Orleans escorts allow you to control your costs and to know precisely what you are spending and what you are getting for your fees. The result is that hiring New Orleans escorts is actually much more affordable.