Awesome Aphrodite is aware that she isn’t perfect. She’s comfortable being who she is and acknowledges her flaws, while making sure she’s never too quick to point out flaws in others. She’s a grounded, down-to-Earth woman who thinks that the best things in life are free… even if having money sure helps iron out the rough spots. Aphrodite lives up to her name in that she loves to be social, she loves to get close to people, and her clients consider her extremely warm and inviting. She believes strongly that you get what you give in this world and that any woman should be grateful for any attention she gets from a man.


Age 24
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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New Orleans Escorts New Orleans Escorts

“I do love attention,” she says. “To be honest I don’t think you can be a New Orleans escort and not like attention. After all, when it’s your job to look good, when it’s your job to dress nice and show off your body, and when your body looks like mine, you can’t help but draw people to look at you when you walk down the street or when you walk into a room. I am used to getting stared at. I can walk down a public street or into a party and see the men around me turn their heads to look at me. Some of them are kind of sweet. They don’t want to get caught looking because they want to be polite. Others are more open about their interest, and they make eye contact with me. I appreciate their confidence. Then there the men and women who look at me and it’s obvious what they’re thinking. They’re interested, and they’re hungry for someone who looks like me, and they want me to know it. There is this little crackle of connection between us when that happens. I know what they’re telling me, and they know that I know. I love that little thrill. To me, that connection, that crackle, is something that makes every interaction, every chance to meet a new person, something special and worthwhile. It is a constant affirmation of who I am as a lady and what makes me desirable. It makes me a better escort overall.”

Of all the New Orleans escorts working with New Orleans Babe Finder, Aphrodite is probably one of the most humble. “I believe you have to be humble because pride and arrogance will do you in fast,” she says. “There’s that old saying about pride going before a fall. I think arrogance will always get you taught a lesson. You won’t always like how that goes.”

Beautiful Aphrodite, like all our New Orleans escorts, is waiting to hear from you. You can see her or her girlfriends when you book with us. Start enjoying some of the most beautiful women around. The time of a lifetime can be yours when you call on us to spice up your social and romantic lives. New Orleans escorts will make you happy as no one has done before.