Sexy Chantal says that she sometimes struggles with insecurity, but she never lets that insecurity control her. She likes a confident man, but understands that different guys have different levels of confidence. One of the things that Chantal likes about being an escort is that it gives her the opportunity to encourage men to find themselves and to find their own inner confidence. She says that doing so makes her feel more confident about herself and her femininity, in return, and that is something that she finds very sexy.


Age 26
Height 5’3″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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New Orleans Escorts New Orleans Escorts

“When you meet a man, you can usually tell,” Chantal says. “You can sort of gauge how confident he is as a human being. Is he the kind of guy that can’t even put his arm around you without hovering his hand over you like he’s afraid to touch you? Or does he put his hand on you like he’s used to being around attractive women and he’s comfortable in your presence and with himself? The thing is, neither of these reactions is good or bad. It’s not like there is a right or a wrong. It’s just that some guys are naturally more confident than others. Some are more comfortable being who they are and some need a little more help in that area. But the beauty of this is that nothing helps a man’s confidence like being around an attractive woman. Even if he’s nervous, once he gets over his initial nerves, he’s going to really warm up to the idea that I’m there for him. I’m a beautiful girl and I’m there to show him attention, focus, and friendship. Guys respond to that. They respond to that kindness. Smile at a guy on the street when you’re a pretty girl and you’ve made that guy’s day for the rest of it. He’ll be telling his friends about how that hot girl smiled at him. And if you get a chance to exchange a few words, maybe put your hand on his arm, smile as you look into his eyes… well, there’s no better encouragement in the world.”

Chantal continues, “When you give a man that shot in the ego, when you boost his confidence, incredible things happen. He comes into his own. He starts to see his own potential. And as he does, as he becomes more confident, he becomes the kind of man that women are naturally attracted to. It all starts by having a beautiful woman be nice to him. Most guys don’t get a chance at that, not unless they get incredibly lucky. But if you book my time, you can have that as much as you like. I think people really respond to that opportunity, to that chance to control their own destinies.”

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