Enticing Emerald isn’t afraid to laugh at herself. She brightens every room she enters with her own laughter and prides herself on her sense of humor. She also appreciates a great sense of humor in others. This reliance on good humor, on laughter, is what she attributes her popularity too. She is one of our most popular New Orleans escorts, in fact, and when you look at her it’s easy to see why. But her appeal goes beyond just her incredible outward appearance, and Emerald firmly believes that’s because everyone likes to laugh.


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“Laughter had real healing properties,” she says. “You can really see the difference in someone’s spirits when you make them laugh. That’s why the concept of comic relief in entertainment exists. People need that release. They need that pressure valve. Dark humor, gallows humor, that exists for the same reason. When things are relentlessly depressing, when people are experiencing something bad for too long, they need a way to look past it or escape it. They need to laugh. And we say that laughter is the best medicine, but that’s true too up to a point. We all need to laugh and people who are in better spirits are much better off overall.”

Emerald goes on, “I remember that they did a study on people who were depressed. The study found that when you’re unhappy, you want to complain to others, but you don’t want to be cheered up. You want to commiserate with people who are also unhappy. So the study concluded that not only does misery love company, but misery loves miserable company. That probably says something profound about human nature. We would rather wallow in unhappiness than let ourselves be cheered up sometimes. I think that’s why we all value someone with a good sense of humor. No matter how beautiful a woman is, she’ll be attracted to a man who is funny, no matter what he looks like. We all want that relief. We all want that elevation of our moods. We all want to be able to laugh about things.”

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