Sexy Sugar is fiercely independent. She likes to say that she doesn’t need anyone… but she really does enjoy people and likes to socialize with them. She has that in common with her fellow New Orleans escorts because, at their cores, our ladies are all very social. It’s the very nature of what they do for their work. They love to be around people. They love to get to know their clients. They love to go out and do new things. And they are adept at fitting into whatever environment you put them in. That means that no matter what the venue, your New Orleans escort will make you look good. Sugar and her fellow escorts will never embarrass you. They will always flatter you, respect you, and take care of you.


Age 22
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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New Orleans Escorts New Orleans Escorts

“The best part about being a New Orleans escort,” Sugar says, “is that there is something new and different to do every day. I am never bored and I never get into a rut. One day, a guy might want to take me out on a date. I get to dress nice and enjoy being pampered while I give him the benefit of my company. I also get to turn heads by being sexy, and he feels flattered because he’s with me. So everyone wins. Then another night, I might get to go to a show of some kind. And then the next day I might go to a party. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. That is that my favorite things are when a client takes me as his date to a social gathering like with his family, or to a business party or a business function. Then I get to see the looks on the faces of his family or his co workers or even his boss. I get to see how they react when they realize he has this incredibly gorgeous woman he’s out with. They all kind of wonder, ‘Why him?’ I think that this reaction is my favorite part of my job. I absolutely get a little thrill when I impress someone on my client’s behalf. It’s very fulfilling.”

Sugar also enjoys getting the chance to run her own life. She enjoys the freedom of being an escort. “The flexibility of my schedule is what I enjoy more than anything else,” she says. “I can conduct myself however I choose. I make myself available for those times when I’m ready for a booking, and when my schedule and yours matches up, we’re off. Then I get to go out and have fun and I’m making a living while I do it! That’s great. I love that I get to do that, and I wish more women could experience what it’s like. I think the average woman has no idea how extraordinary the life of a professional New Orleans escort can be.”

Sugar is the type of girl that you’ve always wanted to date. She is gorgeous, she is fun, she is sexy, and she is friendly. And you can spend time with Sugar today if you book her through New Orleans Babe Finder. Are you ready?